Charlotte Woman Mourns Cousin Who Died In Ukraine Makeshift Hospital

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A Charlotte woman is in mourning after her cousin’s death in Ukraine.

Dora Drezek’s worst fears came true after learning her cousin Andrzej died in a makeshift basement hospital in Lviv over the weekend.

It happened as patients were in sheltering as Russia bombed a fuel depot.

The safety of her family in Lviv is something she’s worried about since the Russian invasion began.

“I could tell that he was very, very nervous. I was nervous too. And I think since that day his health just went completely down, he just was coughing a lot, and I could tell that he’s not doing good,” Drezek says.

Her 66-year-old cousin was staying in a Lviv hospital, but couldn’t get the proper treatment.

All the patients were forced into the basement, amid the Russian missile strikes.

“He said that even in this basement, he was talking to people and trying to cheer up people in the basement,” Drezek says.

She remembers her cousin as a simple man, a retired architect who worked hard his entire life.

They visited each other in happier times.

“When I lived in Berlin, when I told him, you know, let’s meet, he always came,” she says.

Drezek continues to worry for her family and urges other countries to do more to help Ukraine.

“When you see those pictures on TV. How much those people suffer, what they are going through, the civilians and it’s just, how can you do that? No normal person will attack like that,” she says.