Caught On Video: Thieves Steal Purses, Wallets From Luxury Handbag Store

CONCORD, N.C. — Authorities say thieves stole dozens of purses and wallets from a luxury handbag store at Concord Mills Mall.  The crime happened as shoppers and store employees watched in disbelief.

CMPD says five suspects, men and women wearing masks, walked into the luxury handbag store on a mission to steal any and everything they can grab.

Surveillance video from earlier in March shows the suspects swiping purses and wallets before running out of the mall.  CMPD believes Tyrae Coleman is the leader of the crew of masked robbers.

“I think that we need to investigate a little further on when crimes are committed who are these individuals that are committing these crimes and their arrest histories and see how it’s possible they continue to do this and they continue to victimize the innocent,” says Detective Anthony Finnocchio with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police.

According to his arrest history, Coleman has been in and out of jail since 2017 for the same charges, parole violations and felony larceny.  CMPD says if you are an employee or shopper and you witness a store theft, don’t attempt to stop the suspects.  They say instead, try to get a good description, and if possible, write down a tag number for the get-a-way vehicle.