A Charlotte Man Fleeing Ukraine’s Embattled Capital Realizing The Country He Now Calls Home May Never Be The Same After The Massacre By Russian Forces In The City Of Bucha

CHARLOTTE, NC.– Matt Thacker never thought as a kid growing up in Charlotte he would be a war refugee. The UNC Charlotte graduate, fled his home in Kyiv to safety in Poland after the Russians invaded in February. He and his wife found an Air B&B to stay in hosting other refugees as well.

“When we first got to Poland I had really constant nightmares, sleeping was really problematic. Just couldn’t get your mind off of it for us and for us in a lot of Ukrainians to see in the pictures that came out this weekend, it’s almost impossible to get it out of your head,” Thacker says

Heartbreaking photos showing bodies of Ukrainian civilians littered throughout the outskirts of Kyiv as Russian soldiers withdrew from the area over the weekend. Thacker says they are haunting and he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about them. He says his wife’s family is in occupied territory.

“They’re in sort of direct danger so they’re kind of nervous. But a lot of the friends that I have in Kyiv are feeling relieved because the city has been sort of liberated but also deep, deep anger just because they’re uncovering all the stuff.”