Have Your Grocery Shopping Habits Changed Because Of Rising Prices?

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The average American spends more then $400 a month on groceries, and it’s just getting worse. Food prices have increased nearly 9% since last year. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that’s the largest 12 month hike since May 1981, during the Reagan Administration.

Researchers blame a couple of things including droughts, the production chain and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

You’ll probably notice the biggest increase in your daily items like milk, which is up 13.3%. Bacon is up 18.2%, eggs are up 11.2%, and fruits and vegetables are up 8.5%

There are a few ways to pinch pennies with rising prices. One way is making and sticking to a list, but you can also try using coupons or joining a store loyalty program. You can also switch to store brand items, and try shopping earlier in the day, when there’s more variety, and comparing prices at stores.

Gas prices are still high. On Thursday, President Biden was in Greensboro. While speaking at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, Biden noted a majority of the gas price increase is because of Vladimir Putin. Biden says, “Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has risen up gas prices and crude prices all over the world.” He also says, “What people don’t know is that 70% of the increase in inflation was the consequence of Putin’s price hike because of the impact on oil prices.”

You can try apps like GasBuddy to compare prices around town. Some grocery stores also offer gas rewards.

Our question of the night: have your shopping habits because of rising prices?

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