Edge On The Clock: Mary J. Blige Is Officially An Icon

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – TikTok is looking at a way for users to leave more feedback on what they like and dislike. The social media site announced it is testing adding a “dislike” button to individual comments. TikTok says creators and other users will not be able to see the dislikes. The private nature of the feature is to avoid creating ill-feelings between users, while allowing users to feel more in control over posts.

Plus, DaBaby is speaking out after a man was shot while trespassing at the rapper’s Troutman home. The Charlotte native posted a message on Instagram on Friday that reads in part, “Chose not to take a life the other day and it felt great.” The shooting happened Wednesday night at the rapper’s home on Stillwater Road. Police have not confirmed who shot the trespasser, but DaBaby’s the Instagram post and the 911 call suggest it was DaBaby.

And, Mary J. Blige is officially an icon! The singer and actress is this year’s Billboard Music Awards Icon Award honoree. She’ll accept the honor and perform at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas in May. Blige joins artists like Stevie Wonder, Prince, Cher and Janet Jackson in receiving the award.