Edge On The Clock: Netflix To Launch Cheaper Plan Option

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Science fiction becomes real life. NASA sent a doctor to the International Space Station via hologram. The space agency just released images of the telemedicine visit with Dr. Josef Schmid that happened in October. NASA calls it a “holoportation,” combining the words hologram and teleportation. Dr. Schmid says it’s a brand new way of human exploration, where our human entity can travel off the planet, even if our body doesn’t leave the ground.

Plus, a Virginia Tech scientist is honoring his favorite pop star in an interesting way: by naming a new species after her. The Swift Twisted-Claw millipede is named after Taylor Swift. It’s one of 16 new species named by a team of researchers in a newly published paper.

And, you could soon start paying less for Netflix, if you’re willing to sit through commercials. The company says it will launch cheaper, ad-supported plans within the next year or two.

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