Sunny Skies, Summer-Like Highs Kick Off April’s Final Week

Rain and cooler air return in the form of a cold front Tuesday evening.

We may be rounding into the final week of April, but it’s been feeling more like the first week of June recently. Highs continue their climb into the mid-80s to start the workweek, fueled by plentiful sunshine and southerly winds. Stable air has been winning the battle as of late but will lose the war by Tuesday night.

Expect a cold front to sweep into the Carolinas by the second day of the workweek ahead, bringing rain and cooler temperatures back into the forecast. The overall severe threat looks low for now, but a few storms could pack gusty winds and locally heavy rain. The sunshine picks up where it left off for the second half of the week, as temperatures steadily rebound from the 70s back into the 80s.

Tonight: Clear and milder. Low: 57°. Wind: S 5-10.

Monday: Feeling like summer. High: 85°. Wind: SW 5-10.

Monday Night: Another nice night. Cold. Low: 60°. Wind: SW 5-10.

Tuesday: Clouds build. Showers late. High: 87°. Wind: SW 5-15.