Charlotte Breweries Join Global Effort To Combat Discrimination In The Beer Industry With Brave Noise Pale Ale

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Breweries worldwide have begun brewing a pale ale called Brave Noise in order to raise awareness for gender discrimination, racism, sexual assault and harassment within the beer industry.

So far, six Charlotte breweries have announced their intention to join the Brave Noise initiative including Divine Barrel Brewing, NoDa Brewing Company, Pilot Brewing Company, Protagonist Brewing, Resident Culture and Town Brewing Co.

Brave Noise is advocating for safe spaces and inclusive environments by asking breweries to be transparent with their policies and to commit to long-term work.

Officials say this movement matters because the beer industry is a male-dominated world, with few protections for women who experience sexual harassment in the workplace.

In order to get the recipe for the Brave Noise Pale Ale, brewers must submit a code of conduct, publish it for staff and customers to read, make a donation to a related charity or nonprofit, and commit to making their spaces inclusive for all staff and customers.

The deadline for breweries to sign up and participate in this movement has been extended to December 2022.

The Brave Noise movement began when founder Brienne Allan asked a simple question on her Instagram story,

“Have you ever experienced sexism in the beer industry?”

Allan was met with numerous responses, including hundreds of anonymous stories detailing firsthand accounts of sexism within the industry.

She says the number of people who reached out inspired her to create Brave Noise.

Click here to join.