Organizers of Charlotte Fashion Show Aim To Raise Money For People Suffering In Ukraine

CHARLOTTE, NC – A South Charlotte fashion show to benefit the people of Ukraine is sold out after an incredible outpouring of support from the community.

The benefit is being put on at The Galleries 811 on Friday night. Organizers say they are overwhelmed with people wanting to help in some way and that they are still accepting donations.

Twenty models will strut down the runway at The Galleries 811 on Friday night.

“We cannot sit by idly and do nothing,” said Christina Melissaris.

She is helping to put on the show. She says she was moved by a friend to do something to help raise money for Ukraine.

“It will go to help with humanitarian aid, food, clothing, medical assistance. On site, at the places where they’re at,” said Melissaris.

Melissaris says all the food, beverages, space, and time has been donated for the now sold out show.

“We’re so humbly grateful. I can not tell you what it’s meant to us really,” said Melissaris.

“Just looking forward to tomorrow. I’m a little bit excited, nervous, but we’re going to put it all together and make it happen,” explained Berhan Nebioglu.

She is a long time fashion designer. She connected with Melissaris to put on the show. Her collection of 1950’s clothing will be on full display along with recyclable artists and a Ukrainian singer.

“I think it’s just the creative part of me that brings it in,” said Nebioglu.

Two months of hard work and preparation have led to this moment, which both Melissaris and Nebioglu say is one of their most proud.

“It really has been an outpouring of love and support,” said Melissaris.