Edge On The Clock: Public Library Offers “I Read Banned Books” Library Card

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The video game classic Ms. Pac-Man has gobbled up her competition. The iconic successor to Pac-Man, which launched in 1981, has been chosen for the World Video Game Hall of Fame. As the first widely recognized female video game character, Ms. Pac-Man would pave the way other characters, like Zelda. Another selection, Dance, Dance Revolution, paved the way for hits like Guitar Hero and Rock Band.

Plus, we are getting a first look Tiffany & Co.’s new trophy designs for the Miami Grand Prix. The first, second and third place winners will a handcrafted trophy made at Tiffany’s renowned workshop in Rhode Island.

And, Nashville’s public library is offering a new library card, for banned books. It’s offering a special yellow library card for members that proudly proclaims “I Read Banned Books.”

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