Edge On The Clock: Balenciaga Launches Deliberately Destroyed Sneakers

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Netflix could start running ads a lot sooner than originally planned. According to a recent note to employees that was shared with The New York Times, Netflix will introduce a lower price tier subscription, with ads, in the last three months of this year. Netflix originally said it could be another year or two before the ads roll out. Netflix has resisted ads for years, but is now facing increased competition.

Plus, Oscar-nominated actor James Cromwell got himself into a sticky situation at a New York City Starbucks on Tuesday. The Succession star Super Glued himself to the store’s counter to protest the chain’s policy of charging extra for plant-based milk. PETA livestreamed the protest on Facebook. Cromwell said the upcharge is discriminatory against those with lactose intolerance, and harmful to the environment.

And, Balenciaga just launched new sneakers that look old, tattered and dirty. The price tag for the roughed-up sneakers is nearly $2,000!

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