Indian Land Property Owner Wants Answers After Construction Crew Bulldozes Her Fence

INDIAN LAND, S.C. Amanda Dunn is a horse person. She keeps one of her horses, and a donkey, on her property in Indian land. Her farm is right off busy Harrisburg Road. She says, “This road, as you can probably hear, is lethal.” She spent $10,000 fencing her property in, to keep her animals, and the people passing by, safe. She says, “I shouldn’t have had to take the afternoon off work this, I had a good fence.”

She and a friend spent hours Friday putting up a temporary wire and t-post fence, after construction crews leveled her post and rail fence. Dunn says, “They didn’t tell me they were coming to do this. They didn’t tell me when they did this. I have a lot of business trips, I am in and out for the next two months. What other fence are they going to knock down?”

Dunn says it’s been difficult to get answers from anyone involved in the Sugar Creek Subdivision development. She says, “I went to the state and got the actual plans that said they didn’t need to do anything to this corner, that it wouldn’t help traffic. So, I don’t know, they, I don’t know what they’re doing. I wish I knew.”

She says when her neighbors across the street saw what was happening, they tried to tell the construction crew to stop, and were told to mind their own business. Dunn says, “It would be everyone’s business if my horse was on the road and killed somebody.”

WCCB has emails into the Lancaster County Planning Director and South Carolina Department of Transportation to get answers about that flattened fence line. As soon as someone responds, we will let you know.