Former NFL Player Says He Was Racially Profiled At Concord Mills

CHARLOTTE, NC – A former NFL player who now lives in Concord says he was racially profiled while walking through the parking lot of Concord Mills.

Part of the interaction with police was caught on camera. Victor Hampton says he was arrested and eventually let go following the altercation.

“We are not answering no more questions from you bruh. We are in a public parking lot,” said Victor Hampton in a now viral video.

Hampton was overflowing with frustration.

“Why are you stopping me?” said Hampton in the video.

“Because you guys were in the area of a stolen car.” said the officer.

“And how many people out here are in the area of a stolen car?” questioned Hampton.

“It’s nerve wrecking man. Because I knew I was absolutely not doing anything wrong. And I didn’t avoid the scene. I just walked by like any citizen would do,” said Hampton during an interview on Monday.

Hampton says that he and his friend had spent the day on Concord Mills Mall. They walked to the gas station on the other side of the property to get a pack of cigarettes before walking back to the mall to see a movie.

That’s when they were approached by an officer investigating a report of a stolen car.

“Once we were answering the questions and he wouldn’t stop, that’s when I felt like it was going further than what it should be going,” explained Hampton.

“If you do not stop you are going to jail,” said the officer in the video.

“Take me then. Come on,” said Hampton.

“Alright, have a seat,” said the officer.

The officer asks for ID and to see their car keys. Both refuse. And the verbal argument becomes physical.

“Just have a seat then,” said the officer.

“No, i’m not having a seat. I didn’t do nothing to have no seat,” said a frustrated Hampton in the video.

“Alright, you’re going in handcuffs,” said the officer.

“No, don’t touch me bro,” said Hampton.

Hampton was arrested and later had the charges dropped. He says he doesn’t want the officer fired, but does want to see a correction.

“I was embarrassed. I was humiliated. I was belittled. My rights were taken advantage of unlawfully,” said Hampton.

Concord Police sent us a statement saying in part, “Concord PD strives to meet the highest standards of community policing and earn the public’s trust through transparency and accountability.”

The statement continued that the department is, “currently conducting an internal review and will be issuing a statement once that’s complete.”