Edge On The Clock: Competitive Eating Couple Eats 12 Pizzas In Just Over 30 Minutes

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The long-awaited Top Gun sequel could be a milestone for star Tom Cruise. Box office analysts expect Top Gun: Maverick to rack up close to $100M in its opening weekend. That would easily be a career high for Cruise. His best debut so far is just $65M, for War of The Worlds in 2005. Top Gun Maverick is showing in theaters now.

Plus, summer, barbecue, and beer just go together. That’s the idea behind Miller Lite’s new product, Beer-coal. The company’s director of marketing says it is the first-ever beer-infused charcoal.

And, a competitive eating couple put their stomachs to the test! They braved a new food challenge at a pizza shop in Kansas on Wednesday. They both consumed six specialty pizzas in just over 30 minutes. That adds up to roughly six pounds of pizza each.

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