VIDEO: Dozens Of Gunshots Fired In Convenience Store Parking Lot As Customers Run For Cover

HENDERSON, N.C.  — Chilling video shows gunmen firing dozens of rounds inside and outside a convenience store, in broad daylight.

It happened at a convenience store in Henderson, North Carolina last week around 4:20 p.m.  Video shows a man walking towards a convenience store with a semi-automatic weapon tucked in his jeans.  In an instant, someone inside the store fired several rounds through a glass door, as the man with the semi-automatic weapon fired shots toward an SUV.  No one was hurt in the incident.

This violent scene is becoming all too common right here in Charlotte. Tuesday, someone fired more than 10 rounds into the windshield of an SUV at 3:30 in the afternoon at a Circle K on North Tryon Street.  Three people were shot.  Police say it was the result of a dispute in the gas station parking lot.

“I’ll tell you this continues to be an issue for us where we have people that are willing to go straight to guns out in the middle of the day, broad daylight in a very public, busy place.  It’s extremely dangerous.  It’s extremely concerning for us,” says Major Brian Foley with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police.

Community Activists are pushing city and county leaders to address the issue of violence in the city.  They also want leaders to create neighborhood programs that teens can get involved in to keep them off the streets.