CMPD Seizes 413 Guns From City Streets; Most In At Least 7 Years

CHARLOTTE, NC – A new record for CMPD. More than 400 guns were seized in the Charlotte Mecklenburg area in the month of May. It’s the largest single month seizure going back at least 7 years.

Police, and gun safety advocates say the public’s carelessness is to blame.

So far this year, more than 1200 guns have been pulled from Charlotte Mecklenburg Streets.

“Out there, doing proactive police work where we need them in the community and getting guns off the streets,” said CMPD Lt. Steve Fischbach.

He praised the police work while calling on the public to respond.

“We are seeing people in the community being careless with their firearms. Leaving them in vehicles. Leaving them unsecured,” said Fischbach.

According to CMPD, gun seizures are up 40% compared to the average of the past five years.

“The question is, would fewer guns on the street make our jobs easier and safer? The short answer is yes, of course,” said Fischbach.

He says a lot of the violent crimes they investigate are with stolen weapons.

“What we need from the community is be aware of where your firearm are. Keep them in a safe and secure and locked up area,” said Fischbach.

“That’s a lot for one locality to be recovering,” said Becky Ceartas,the Executive Director of North Carolinians Against Gun Violence.

She says there could be harsher penalties for not properly locking up weapons. Which could ultimately cut down on gun violence, accidental shootings, and  suicides.

“It’s just simple things like making sure your firearm is locked up. Making sure your car is locked if you have a gun in your car. Simple things that can prevent guns being diverted to the illegal market,” said Ceartas.