Woman Sues Geico After Getting STD From Sex In Car

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – She got an STD in a car that was insured by Geico, and now Geico may have to pay her $5.2M for her “auto injury.” The woman filed an auto injury claim after she just got HPV while having sex in a car. The owner of the car is insured by Geico. She says the car owner didn’t tell her about his health condition before they had sex in the car.

So far, the woman has won three cases in Missouri, where she filed the original suit.

But now Geico is counter suing the woman and man in federal court. Geico car insurance says it’s not liable for the STD because quote “damages claimed did not arise out of the normal use of the vehicle.”

Our question of the night: should Geico have to pay?

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