Smart Shopper: Major Deals At Petfolk!

Smart Shopper: Major Deals At Petfolk!

CHARLOTTE, NC–All pet owners know, once you adopt a furry friend, they become family. So naturally, when they’re hurt you do everything you can to help. 

But after they recover, you’re stuck with a hefty vet bill. Thankfully, there’s a place that all pet parents can go to get their pup or cat back on track, and leave you with some money in your pockets! 

Over at Petfolk, not only can you get your pets first full exam for free, you could also get free services for up to a full year!

The CEO and experienced vet, Dr. Audrey Wystrach says it’s all about meeting the customers where they want to be. 

Wystrach  says, “We also have  tremendous partnerships with adoption agencies where we provide an entire year of vaccines for free. The opportunities for us to support pet parents and really give them transformational care but providing transparency in cost and really understanding that we know veterinary medicine can be expensive, but there are opportunities for us to talk about budget, cadence and timing of how you’re going to spend.” 

Petfolk is located in the Providence Promenade shopping center and has an event this Wednesday!

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