Edge On The Clock: George Clooney’s Batman Suit Up For Auction

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — George Clooney’s Batman suit could be yours for the right price.

Clooney’s costume from the 1997 film Batman & Robin is up for auction.

The suit has been repeatedly ridiculed for its exaggerated plastic nipples.

It has an opening bid of $40,000, and an official with Heritage Auction calls it the most famous Batman costume ever made.

Apparently, the nipples were an added on to the costume because the designer wanted it to look more like the comic books, where Batman looks naked with spray paint on him.

Plus, Rihanna is now America’s youngest female self-made billionaire.

The 34-year-old ranked 21 on Forbes 2022 list of “America’s Richest Self-Made Women,” with a net worth of $1.4 billion.

She is also the only billionaire under 40.

Kim Kardashian held the title last year at the age of 41.

The richest woman on the 2022 list is Diane Hendricks with $12.2 billion dollars

Nearly 40 percent of the women on the list have lost wealth from 2021.

Forbes blames a downturn in the stock market.

Also, Amazon Prime members are getting a tasty new benefit.

Amazon Prime members can now order food from Grubhub without a delivery fee.

The offer for Grubhub+ is good for one year as long as the order is over $12.

After a year, Prime members will automatically be charged the $9.99 monthly rate for Grubhub+.