Lake Norman Little League Coach Describes Moments After Shooting During Game

WILSON, N.C. – Frightening moments as children flee gunfire, after shots were fired at a Little League baseball tournament on Sunday.

Now we’re hearing from the head coach of a local team on the field as shots rang out.

“I turn to my right to one of my coaches, as we’re just talking baseball. And that’s when you hear it – bang, bang, bang, bang,” says Lake Norman Little League coach Steve Treffiletti.

Treffiletti says it was the top of the 5th inning, when shots rang out near the field where his team of seven and eight year olds was playing.

“And so, just instinct takes over. And I turn and I said, ‘Hey! everybody get off the field,'” he says.

Video shows the teams running to safety.

“There’s no training for this. So, just protection and instinct takes over,” Treffiletti says.

He says his team and spectators hid under benches, while he and others went to make sure everyone else was O.K.

“We had a couple dads that didn’t blink an eye, and went straight into whatever may have been coming, just that protective mode and taking care of each other,” he says.

At the same time, Caitlin Koszczepki was live streaming her son’s game, which was happening at an adjacent field.

She captured the moment of panic.

“You could see people on the field adjacent to us, dropping and screaming,” she says.

She and her son’s teammates hid in a field across the street.

“Freaked out. Not gonna lie, which I feel like is a normal reaction. And then your adrenaline kicks in.”

No one was hurt, but photos taken after the shooting show the back window of a van in the parking lot shot out, bullet casings, and an evidence marker on a field.

No arrests have been made.

Meantime, back in Huntersville, Treffiletti and his eight-year-old son Cameron, who plays on the Lake Norman team, are back practicing the sport they love, thankful no one ended up hurt.

“It was such a jovial and fun atmosphere, for it to get torn down the way it did is still a little hard to comprehend,” he says.

Wilson, North Carolina Police say they are actively investigating the case.

They say there is no evidence that people at the sports complex were intentionally targeted.

But many parents WCCB Charlotte spoke with disagree.

Many of the teams left the tournament early, including the Lake Norman Little League team.