Some North Carolina Abortion Clinics Are Inundated With Out-Of-State Patients

CHARLOTTE — It’s an uncertain time for many women across the country, and in the Carolinas who are in search for access to reproductive healthcare services.

It’s been six weeks since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe VS. Wade, and some abortion clinics across North Carolina say they’ve been inundated with women looking for help.

“We’ve been seeing patients traveling from different states, including Georgia, to our North Carolina clinics who are probably past the 15 week mark and aren’t able to get care in our Florida location cause of the 15 week abortion ban there,” says Amber Gavin with a Woman’s Choice, an independent abortion provider in North Carolina.

Wednesday, President Biden signed a new executive order to help ensure women’s access to abortion.  Attorney General Josh Stein spoke to North Carolinians Wednesday about the state’s efforts to protect abortion access.  Stein said legislators are seeking to reinstate North Carolina’s abortion ban.  He encouraged people to vote in November.