WWII Veteran Gets Much Needed Home Repairs



CHARLOTTE, NC — A local World War II Veteran has a new roof, and some much needed repairs to his home thanks to the people in his community.

Lowe’s teamed up with Purple Heart Homes to make it all happen. WWII Veteran Robert Cochrane and his late wife bought the 1-story home in Northwest Charlotte back in 1956. Due to plumbing issues and a roof leak, it caused structural damage to the house.

At the young age of 9 years old, Mr. Cochrane left school to help on his family’s farm. He was only able to complete grades K-5. After years of financial hardships throughout Robert’s childhood, the Cochrane family sold the farm for a cheap price during his teenage years. In response to the lifestyle change, Mr. Cochrane volunteered to join the military at 18 years old and served from 1945-1947.

Throughout his military career, the U.S. Army and U.S. Airforce enabled Robert Cochrane to continue his education through the 8th grade. While in service, the Veteran sent money home to take care of his father, stepmother, and half siblings. He was truly dedicated to a life of serving. His servant’s heart did not stop when discharged from the military. In 1956, Robert and the late Ruth Cochrane purchased their first and only home in Charlotte, NC. They raised five children in their one-story house.

The Cochrane family was well-known in the community for opening their home to anyone in need.”I have always opened and welcomed my home to my family and friends when they needed a temporary place to stay. I loved working in my garden when I was able, and I shared my vegetables with neighbors, family, and friends. I am also known for my famous pound cakes and my homemade soup that I regularly took to church. My house holds a lot of memories,” said the 95 year old WWII Era Veteran.

Unfortunately, the house deteriorated throughout the years. There was significant water damage in the main bathroom stemming from a plumbing and roof leak. The leak caused structural damage to the wall framing, floor joists, and girders. In addition, there was evidence of mold in all bathrooms. The Veteran was unable to use the main bathroom due to the risk of his bathtub and toilet falling through floor. Furthermore, the roof is 32 years old, double shingled, and it needed to be replaced.

Unsure where to turn for financial support, the family stumbled upon Purple Heart Homes (PHH). Purple Heart Homes (PHH), with its essential partners, was proud to help Mr. Cochrane.
“Purple Heart Homes is thankful for the opportunity to serve WWII Veteran Robert Cochrane.

He served our Nation during a dark time in our history and now we have had the opportunity to return the love and let him know he has not been forgotten in his time of need. As a member of The Greatest Generation we will forever be indebted for his sacrifice for our freedoms. The ranks of The Greatest Generation continue to dwindle, but our respect and compassion for them will not,” says John Gallina, CEO and Co-Founder of Purple Heart Homes.