Mixed Reactions From Community Activists Following Officer-Involved Shooting In East Charlotte

CHARLOTTE — There’s mixed reaction following an officer-involved shooting that happened back in December in Charlotte.  The body cam video was released Wednesday by Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police.  They say it shows a 14-year-old boy shooting an officer, and that officer firing back, but no one was hit.  The crime happened back on December 27, 2021 on Winged Elm Court in East Charlotte.

A resident at an apartment complex called 911 to report a guy with a gun had attempted to steal his car.  CMPD Officer Whitley arrived on the scene, and encounters the suspect.  The body cam video shows Officer Whitley chasing the suspect, the teen turns, and shoots the officer in the shoulder.  Whitley falls to the ground as the suspect runs.  You can see the officer firing multiple shots, but no one was hit.  Antriece Mitchell has a unique perspective into this investigation.  Police say it was her gun that was used in this shooting.

“The way I saw it, he gave him several warnings to stop running, he told him, look I’m not playing with you.  He had no idea this young man was gonna turn around with the gun, that was stolen from my truck, a few days prior, he had no idea that this young man had this gun,” says Antriece Mitchell.  Mitchell says her gun was stolen days before the officer was shot, after her vehicle was broken into.

Community activist Lucille Puckett, with the group, ‘Take Back Our Hoods,’ spoke to the teen’s mother following the shooting.

“He was put in foster care, and even around December his mom was asking for close supervision for him not to be out.  We should be able to talk to police officers and feel safe.  But, in this day and time, it’s not that way,” says Puckett.

The 14-year-old was arrested on the scene.  Police say he has an extensive criminal history dating back to 2014, when he was just six years old.

The investigation determined Officer Whitley was justified in his actions.  He’s still recovering from his injuries.  The bullet is still lodged in his shoulder.