It Is Championship Weekend For The World Of Outlaws

CONCORD, NC – It is championship weekend for the Nascar drivers out west where they will battle it out on the pavement in Phoenix.  But it is also championship weekend for the World of Outlaws here in Charlotte where they will battle it out on the dirt.

It is the World Finals of dirt track racing.  Over a hundred drivers from three different race series and thousands of fans from across the country have gathered at the dirt track for four days of racing and fun.

“It is a fun time.  We are here to drink beer and watch some good dirt racing,” says Laura Crabtree.

Crabtree and her friends made the trip from Pennsylvania for this weekends racing.  For them it is not only about the racing, but the community.

“We all five are here wearing different driver shirt.  You will see any of these drivers crew working on any other drivers car at any moment.  It is about community,” says Crabtree.

Others made a shorter trip, like fans from North Carolina who love short track dirt racing.

“You and me, we can go out  there and go racing.  We don’t have to have the big time corporate sponsors to go up and down the road and travel across country,” says Dale Moore of North Carolina.

Just like the fan, the drivers are from all over the country.  Ten year Sprint driver, Eric Riggins, from right here in the Queen City knows how awesome it is  to have this event here.

“It is definitely cool.  It is nice to see all of our out of town friends that come into town for this.   The community is huge.  You know these same people run across the country 48 weekends a year and everyone comes together in Charlotte.  There is just something special about it man,” says Riggins.

“This is where it all starts at.  For almost anybody pretty much on dirt.  You want to famous, you got to start on dirt,” says Sprint driver, Zachary Allman.