American Airlines Flight Attendants Picket At Charlotte Douglas

Flight Attendants Picket

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — American Airlines flight attendants say enough is enough.

A group of flight attendants with the airline picketed at the entrance to the Charlotte Douglas International Airport Tuesday to call for a fair contract. It was part of a nationwide day of action at 11 bases across the U.S.

The Charlotte group gathered at the corner of Wilkinson Blvd. and N. Josh Birmingham Pkwy. to lift their signs and make their voices heard.


A Charlotte union representative for the flight attendants said they have been without a new contract since 2019.

They’re pushing for better benefits, higher pay and improved job conditions. However, the workers say the company has been unwilling to negotiate a fair and equitable contract.

“We are picketing because we are ready for a new contract. We’ve not had raises since 2019,” said American Airlines flight attendant Charles Starks. “Every time the union proposes something, the company is just rejecting it.”

The group says American has returned to pre-pandemic levels but with fewer flight attendants. They say this results in more flights worked with fewer people. They say they are working longer duty days with minimal rest.

They want mandatory rest requirements and duty day limits worked into the new contract.