Local Church Reaching Families Who Lost Loved Ones To Violence During Holiday Season

CHARLOTTE, N.C —  Inside Genesis Church is a ministry of giving.

From the clothing closet to their Thanksgiving food box giveaway, Pastor Johnny Brown said they want to help those in need.

” We feed  literally tens of  families with turkeys and dressing and all of the good stuff that maybe they unfortunately can’t afford,” Brown said. 

They are accepting applications for their Thanksgiving food box until Thursday November 16, which will provide a turkey and sides for families in need. 

However,  that’s only part of their mission — this holiday season they’re also hosting a prayer vigil reaching out to those who have lost loved ones to violence.

“There are a myriad of people who have been lost to gun violence. murder and crime right in our local area,” Pastor Brown said. ” Whenever there is a void because of a loss specifically in the area of violence and something as heinous as gun violence, that void can cause  people to try and grieve in unhealthy ways like revenge, retaliation.”

Brown said he understands the toll losing a loved one to violence takes on a person, especially during the holidays. 

“We want to create a space where they can be healthy and whole and grieve in a healthy way and introduce concepts of love, forgiveness and peace,” Brown  said. 

He hopes his efforts will not only meet a need financially, but bring some peace to those who need it most. 

” I believe wholeheartedly that nobody really cares how much you know until they know how much you care.”