New Survey: Teens Say Their Social Media Experience Is Better Than Parents Think

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A new study shows teens say their experience on social media is more positive than adults may think. That study is from the Pew Research Center. 32 percent of teens say their experience on social media is mostly positive. 59 percent say it’s neutral. And only nine percent say it’s mostly negative.

Most teens say social media lets them stay connected to their friends and helps them get support from their community. However, nearly 40% teens reported feeling overwhelmed by drama online. This was especially true with teen girls. A Pew Research Center spokesperson says, “Some say it makes them feel overwhelmed by drama or like their friends are leaving them out of things, or feel worse about their own lives. All in all though, teens are more likely to say social media has been a good thing for them, more than a bad thing. Though, most say it hasn’t been either good or bad.”

So what does all this mean for us parents? Researchers say we should should talk with our teens about social media use. They suggest introducing one new platform at at time.

Our question of the night: How would you describe your experience on social media?

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