Health Officials Concerned About “Tridemic” & Holiday Travel

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Local health officials are cautioning families to reconsider traveling home for the holidays if you or someone in your family is sick with flu, RSV or COVID-19.  Doctors at Atrium Health say pediatric cases of respiratory illness are “unprecedented” this season.

While doctors are not recommending we all “mask up” to travel, they do recommend you get tested for flu and Covid-19 before you travel if you are experiencing symptoms, like cough and fever.  They also caution if children are also sick with these symptoms its best to just stay home or at least reconsider your travel plans.

“If my child is sick, maybe I need to make that decision that maybe my family doesn’t need to go to grandma’s house where we can take that to grandma or people who may have a really hard time of getting the flu, or Covid,” said Monica Watts, Levine Children’s Emergency Department Manager.  Watts went on to say its a good idea to have hand sanitizer available at the Thanksgiving dinner table if you have a large gathering.