Shanquella Robinson’s Mother Recalls Their Last Conversation

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The mother of Shanquella Robinson is talking about the investigation into her daughter’s death in Mexico during an interview with CNN.  Sallamondra Robinson told CNN that Mexican authorities have not identified the person who they are seeking to extradite to face charges in her daughter’s death.

“No, I have not heard anything, ” said Sallamondra.  “As I was last told, they have not located them yet, they suspect that they are looking for.”

Robinson’s daughter died October 28 while on vacation with friends on Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  Last week, Mexican authorities obtained an arrest warrant for a suspect in her death.  They have not said who they are looking for, only that it is one of Robinson’s friends from America who was with her on the trip.  Shanquella’s mother says she doesn’t know who those friends are.

“I did not know them.  I just knew the one, Kalia Cook.  I knew him.  I didn’t know the other six,” said Robinson.  “All I know is they all went to college together.”

Sallamondra recalled the last conversation she had with her daughter.  She described Shanquella as happy.  “She was laughing and talking and saying the chef was getting ready to cook.  I said, okay, enjoy yourself.  Love you, I will talk to you tomorrow,” said  Sallamondra.  But she never spoke to her daughter again.

At first, Sallamondra was told that her daughter died from alcohol poisoning.   She said when the group got back from Mexico, they came to her house to tell her what happened. “We, you know, questioned each one of them because we had heard different.  We had gotten a call saying they were over there fighting her,” said Sallamondra.

A video circulating on social media shows Shanquella involved in a fight in what appeared to be the place she was staying.  The death certificate confirms Shanquella died from a spinal chord injury and not alcohol poison.  Sallamondra says doesn’t know who would have taken that video. “We have no idea, ” said Sallamondra.

Sallamondra says the U.S. State Department told her they did not suspect foul play. She says she hasn’t heard from them since the new developments were reported.  “I just felt that they didn’t do their job,” said Sallamondra.