‘My Daughter Didn’t Take Her Own Life’; Charlotte Mother Demands Answers Months After Daughter Was Shot

CHARLOTTE — A Charlotte mother says her 16-year-old daughter did not take her own life.  Brittany Witherspoon was shot back on August 19th inside an apartment on Kings Ridge Drive in southwest Charlotte.  She died two weeks later.

Her mother says Brittany had extensive injuries.

“They told me that the bullet went in the left side of her neck and ruptured two main veins that pump blood to the brain.  She had a broken neck, a broken fibula, and a broke spinal cord.  She was paralyzed from the shoulders down,” says Jessica Witherspoon, Brittany’s mother.

She later learned that Brittany was with a 19-year-old man when she was shot.  She learned through social media the teen was Brittany’s boyfriend.  He gave police his account of what happened the day Brittany was shot.

“He said he was in the shower, and Brittany shot herself and he called 911.  When I went and talked to police yesterday, they didn’t test neither one of them for gun residue,” says Witherspoon.

She doesn’t believe her daughter’s injuries were the result of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.  She’s pushing CMPD to do more to find out what really happened to her daughter.

“I just want to get justice, I feel like it’s more to the story that we don’t know.  I’m not going down without a fight,” says Witherspoon.

A Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police spokesperson says the case remains an active investigation and is being classified as a public accident or accidental shooting.