Judge Does Not Approve Settlement Over Failed Panthers Practice Facility

ROCK HILL, S.C. — York County and GT Real Estate will be back in court Thursday for the bankruptcy case over the team practice facility project in Rock Hill.

A judge said Wednesday she cannot approve a settlement in the case due to an issue with third-party releases.

The releases would prevent creditors from taking legal action against third parties, but the judge called them unnecessary.

The judge says she is open to suggestions on how to move this case forward.

She could make a decision on the settlement in court Thursday.

If it is approved, York County would get back $21,165,000 that’s been held in escrow since July 2022.  In exchange of this payment being restored, the County will discharge any and all claims the county has with GTRE, David Tepper and Tepper Entities.

GT Real Estate, the company created by David Tepper for the project, filed for bankruptcy back in June.