Queen City Senior Bowl Players Getting A Chance to Shine Both On And Off The Field

CHARLOTTE, NC – It is one last chance to play high school football.

“You know the competition, we have been getting at it this week. The east side has been getting at it. I am pretty sure the west has too. So, we are really excited for it,” said Dane Steele, a Queen City Bowl Senior.

One last chance to play with some of the best senior football players in the Queen City.

“I don’t have to many more high school games. I got one more chance to compete. Football out with my teammates and you know, have fun,” said Tyson Moorer

Over 80 seniors will take part in Saturday’s game.  Of those, nearly half have been offered or committed to play at the next level.

“While the Queen City Senior Bowl give these players a chance to shine on the gridiron, it also gives them a chance to give back to the classroom.”

Bowl players, cheerleaders and band members spent the morning at the Metro School interacting with and reading to the students who attend this school.  For Principal Fermandi Dyson, it was a special day.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for our students to be able to participate with students in a traditional school setting. So, the opportunity for them to come and have a moment where they are able to see student athletes, cheerleaders parading through the school building and also allowing them to go to our classrooms where they are able to see how our students learn,” said Metro School Principal Fermandi Dyson.

It was also a morning the the players were proud to be a part of.

“It is great. You know it is a blessing, giving back to the community and you know making these kids day so much better. You know they don’t have a football team, cheerleaders or band and all that good stuff, but you know being here now, making their day a lot better, I am really happy to be a part of it,” said Steele.

“Great experience you know. I get to see all these young kids and they look up to us as like heroes almost. It is like giving back to the community you know, showing our face, being around kids. It just feels great,” said Moorer.