‘He was one of a kind’: Livingstone Basketball team remembers Eric Henderson

SALISBURY, N.C. —  Bright and smiling — that’s how the Livingstone College basketball team remembers their teammate Eric Henderson. 

” Eric was just a one of a kind dude on and off the court. He was gentle. He was kind. He was always positive,” Livingstone College basketball team shooting guard Brandon Murray said.

His coach, James Stinson said he always had a smile and was ready to help anyone out. 

” He was always one that was happy, smiling and was the ultimate student athlete. Someone that actually cared about the program,” Livingstone College Men’s basketball head coach James Stinson said. 

The 21- year- old Livingstone College sophomore was killed in a car crash Monday while on his way back to college from Christmas break. 

” It was just a time of disbelief. A time of hurt and sorrow,” Stinson said. 

For a team that’s more like family, the loss is devastating. 

” I just burst out crying and I couldn’t stop crying. It just brought back the memories,” Point guard Teon Tiller said. 

” Just to hear that was really heartbreaking because he was like a brother to us,” Murray said. 

His teammates said Eric was a dedicated player who gave his all on the court. 

” He was always going hard. You could always count on Eric to do the little things and the little details and always play hard,” Tiller said. 

He was also a hardworking honor student. 

” He wasn’t just an athlete. He always put the student first. He always put his work first,” Murray said. 

That’s why this season is about honoring Eric — and playing with the same passion and dedication he would have on the court. 

” We’re just going to go out there and do like he would and give it 100 percent and just try to  make him proud and do everything for Eric,” Murray said.