Jury Rules Against Myers Park High Student “Jane Doe” In Civil Suit Against CMS

(UPDATE: 1/20/23)

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The jury deciding the case of a former Myers Park High School student, Jane Doe, has reached a verdict.  The verdict was not in favor of Doe, who sued Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools in a civil case accusing CMS of not taking her claim of sexual assault seriously.

The jury’s ruling found that CMS did not deliberately ignore Jane Doe’s claim of sexual assault.  Doe was seeking $1 Million dollars in damages which she was not be awarded.

Doe’s attorneys said she was satisfied with at least one part of the verdict.  The jury publicly acknowledged that they believed she was sexually assaulted.

WCCB has a crew in federal court.  We will have an update on this case tonight on WCCB News at Ten.


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The former Myers Park High School student who says another student kidnapped and raped her near campus, testified in federal court Thursday.

On the same day, the judge threw out the suit against the City of Charlotte. The victim was seeking $75,000 in damages for their lack of action in the alleged incident from 2015.

The lawsuit against Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools remains.

The young woman listed in court documents as Jane Doe, told the jury she has been dealing with depression and suicidal thoughts since the incident she says occurred on November 3rd, 2015. She says she even attempted to commit suicide when she was in college.

“I’ve never told anyone that,” Doe told the jury.

Doe said when met the accused, referred to as Q.W., he was aggressive but the two eventually exchanged numbers for a class project.

In a series of texts, Doe claims Q.W. expressed sexual interest in her.

The morning of the alleged kidnapping and rape, Doe said everything happened fast and that she didn’t want to skip school. She said she texted her friends “help.”

“I really wanted someone to find me. I was getting scared,” said Doe of the alleged kidnapping.

Doe also said no one from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools reached out to her for a statement.

Doe says she has been in therapy for years. The now 24-year-old said she is unable to work full-time as a behavioral technician due to her depression and crippling anxiety.