Hot In Hollywood: Wrestling Legend Hulk Hogan Has Bathroom Emergency & Hockey Player Pulls Tooth


CHARLOTTE, N.C.– We’ve all been there sitting in the bathroom without any toilet paper. The WWE legend tweeted his 2 million followers about his bathroom emergency. The post read, “I ran out of toilet paper, brother. Help!”. The tweet was soon deleted. The move has put the tweet into question. Some are wondering if Hogan intended to send it to a specific person or if  someone hacked his account. Hogan has made any comment or post about it yet.

Brock Nelson of the New York Islanders proved to a game crowd that he is a tough guy. After taking a hit from a hockey stick. The hit was so hard that Nelson fell to the ground. When he got up from the floor, he noticed that his tooth was barely hanging on. Nelson decides to take matters into his own hands and pulls the tooth himself. Once he was finished he handed the tooth to his team’s trainer.