Talk, Truth, Tea: Richard Belzer Dead At 78, Court Shows Get Canceled & Ricky Martin’s Son Is A Little Man.


HOLLYWOOD, CA– Hollywood is mourning the death of actor, Richard Belzer. The 78 year old passed away at his home in southwest France early Sunday morning. Sources close to the star say he had been battling some health issues. Belzer is best known for his role as Detective John Much on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. Belzer began his career as a comedian and made his film debut in 1974’s “The Groove Tube”. Co-stars Mariska Hargitay and Ice-T sent their condolences over social media. Hargitay described Belzer as a dear, dear friend.

Two popular court shows  are getting the axe. Judge Mathis and The People’s Court have both been canceled. Both shows ran more than 20 years. The Judge Mathis show won an Emmy Award in 2018 for Outstanding Legal Courtroom Program. Mathis is the longest running Black television host. The People’s Court has won four Daytime Emmy Awards. That is the most of any other court television program. Judge Marilyn Milian started presiding over the show in 2001.

Ricky Martin’s 14-year-old son, Valentino, is looking like a little man. Martin snapped a picture of the teenager while he was getting a haircut and showing off his very thin mustache. Martin has four children and says he would love to have more.