Senior Dog Rescue Needs Adoptions, Fosters And Donations

GEORGIA – Remembering Ruthie Rescue and Sanctuary is a small, essentially one-woman animal rescue in the south. Sally Parker runs it out of Georgia, but she serves the Carolinas, too. The rescue is named after a dog in Parker’s life who passed away about ten years ago. Parker created the rescue shortly after, in Ruthie’s honor.

Parker focuses on helping dogs who are often overlooked in shelters: senior dogs, medically fragile dogs or dogs with behavioral issues. She has about 45 animals in her program (either with her at her home, or living with the people in her foster network).

When asked why she focuses on the “overlooked” animals, Parker says, “Because they get tossed away like trash once they’re no fun, (or) have medical problems their people don’t want deal with. We are all getting older with health issues. These dogs once had humans who loved them until they became a nuisance.”

Parker says, “I know the thought of me being tossed in a run-down nursing home isn’t very appealing. But for the dogs I pull, I hope to give them joy in whatever time they have left.” She continues, “As heartbreaking as it is to take on a hospice or senior dog knowing the outcome, I have to think that giving them their last days/months knowing love and compassion is better than being discarded and dying alone.” Parker is committed to these animals, but she needs help. Below are some of her most “in need” cases.

Maizie is an 7-8 year old border collie mix. She is a perfect companion in every way. She does have glaucoma in her right eye, requires eye drops, and that eye will have to be monitored by her vet. The glaucoma impacts her vision in that eye, so keeping that in mind when approaching her is important.

Daisy is a 4-5 year old Chihuahua mix. She is great with other dogs and kids – but she hates crates and will not tolerate being crated. She is also house trained, but has occasional accidents. She would thrive in a family where her people are with her most of the day; perhaps a retired couple or someone who works from home.
Rose is a 10-11 year old lab mix. When Sally pulled her out of the shelter, she was heartworm positive and had a bad skin infection. After those issues were addressed, she went to the vet to be spayed. During that procedure, the vet discovered cancerous mammary tumors, and a hernia. Her hernia was repaired, and the tumors removed, but Rose has to have another surgery to remove more of the area where one of the tumors was located. (FYI, dogs who are spayed are less likely to develop these mammary tumors, which are often malignant.) Rose needs donations to help pay for her surgeries and medical treatments. She also needs her forever home, to live out her golden years.
Jerry (pictured below with his brother, Ben) is a 14 year old miniature Pinscher with a grade 5 heart murmur. He desperately needs dental work, and that surgery is risky given his heart condition, but his mouth is infected. His surgery is scheduled for March 9th. Jerry needs donations to help pay for his surgery. He also needs his forever home, to live out his golden years.
Baxter is a 12 year old beagle mix. He’s a quiet, mellow fellow, and would love a quiet family or quiet person/couple to live out his golden years with. He is currently being fostered in Raleigh, and while adoption is the ultimate goal, he also needs a new foster home, as his current foster is unable to keep him due to a schedule change.
If you feel compelled to help Maizie, Daisy, Rose, Jerry or Baxter, check out the Remembering Ruthie Rescue and Sanctuary Facebook page or click here for their website.