Lyrid Meteor Shower Intensifies This Week

The April Lyrids will reach a peak of 10-15 meteors per hour overnight Saturday, April 22, into Sunday, April 23.

Meteor Shower Template 1607437472814

Look to the northeast sky this week, and you just might catch a few meteors. The annual Lyrid meteor shower will reach its peak by next weekend. The shower, which typically appears every April 16-25, gets its name from its point of origin next to the constellation Lyra.

The peak, which arrives Saturday, April 22nd overnight into Sunday, April 23rd, will display up to 10-15 meteors per hour.

While each of the next four weeknights will have mostly clear skies, it’s looking like rain and clouds will sweep into the Carolinas during peak times next weekend. Stay weather-wise.

7 Day Pm 2021