Comic Store Owner Becomes Real-Life Hero Saving Woman From Attacker

HICKORY, N.C. — A truly heroic feat by a man who sells stories of superheroes. A comic book store owner in Hickory jumped into action to save a woman being sexually assaulted nearby.

Jacob Edwards owns an impressive collection of comics at his store Time Tunnel Comics.

We’ve all heard the overused saying “not all heroes wear capes”.  However, in Edwards case, it seems quite fitting.

“I sell funny books man. I’m just a regular guy. I don’t think what I did was any different than what anyone else would do,” said Edwards.

As Edwards was closing up his store on 2nd Avenue for the night, he heard a woman screaming for help.

Like heroes do, Edwards ran towards the crime.

The Hickory Police Department says 22-year-old Justin Johnson was attempting to rape a woman.

“I got him in a rear-naked choke, and started to squeeze. He finally let go,” explained Edwards of his actions to get the man off of the victim.

Officers showed up soon after to arrest Johnson.

“After the fact you think about all that stuff and it’s scary. What happened was already really bad but what could’ve happened would’ve been so much worse,” said Edwards of getting to the crime when he did.

Edwards might consider himself a regular guy, but what he did that day in mid-April was far from regular. In fact, it was super.

Like any good comic, he leaves us with a message of good to inspire hope.

“Check in on your neighbors,” continues Edwards, “if you see something, do something.”