Commit to keeping up with auto service in Charlotte for 2014!

The year 2014 has arrived! When thinking back on everything that happened in 2013, do any car problems spring to mind? While making resolutions for a new year is common, not many drivers automatically think of their vehicle when it comes to making new commitments. However, taking a few minutes to make sure you’ll take care of certain types of routine auto service now can help make sure your car will last – and run – for a long time to come!

Take care or your car with regular auto service in Charlotte

Routine auto service in Charlotte is important to take care of, no matter how old or new your vehicle may be. Every type of auto care is important, whether it’s maintaining the paint job with regular washings and waxings, or ensuring regular oil changes in Charlotte are taking place. However, there are some types of routine maintenance that should definitely be taken care of and not put off on a regular basis. 

  • Walk around: How often do you take the time to walk around your car to make sure all is in order? Performing some visual checks on a regular basis is incredibly beneficial. It can help alert drivers to any changes that need to be taken care of, such as body and bumper damage, leaking fluids and more. 
  • Fluid levels: Did you know that there’s more than one type of fluid level that needs to be checked and maintained in your vehicle? Along with regular oil changes, other types of auto service also need to be attended to, like transmission fluid, antifreeze/coolant levels, brake fluid and more!
  • Tire care: It can be easy to just hop in your car and drive around town without paying any attention to the state of the tires. However, proper tire care is important because it can actually influence how much money you spend in other areas – like at the gas station! Did you know that if tires are over inflated or don’t have enough air pressure it can hurt the car’s fuel economy? That’s not all, either. Ensuring that the tires are properly cared for helps minimize the chances of a blowout from happening, which can definitely but a dent in a budget. 

Taking care of your car may not jump to the top of the list when it comes to New Year’s Resolutions, but the beginning of a brand new year is a great opportunity to commit to taking care of your vehicle on a regular basis. 

Commit to regular auto service in Charlotte for 2014!

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