Discover the inspiration behind the N Charlotte Scion FR-S!

The 2014 Scion FR-S near Charlotte may not have been around for very long, but it’s quickly become an extremely popular choice! Just recently named it one of the top coolest sports cars to own for under $25,000! 

If you’re wondering what features have made it become such a popular choice both here and overseas, we have some answers for you. We took a closer look at this new Scion sports car and researched its history to find out how it came to boast the iconic design it’s known for today, and what has made it such a popular choice! 

N Charlotte Scion FR-S inspired by Toyota sports cars! 

Did you know that Toyota used to make sports cars? Some popular two-door coupes the company has produced over the years include the Toyota Celica, Toyota Supra, and the Toyota 20000GT. Scion is actually a part of the Toyota company, so when it was time to produce a sports car they looked at previous popular Toyota sports cars for some ideas! The ones that drivers can see similarities between and the new Scion FR-S near Charlotte today include the Toyota Sports 800, Toyota 2000GT, and the Toyota Corolla GT-S.  

  • Toyota Sports 800: This sports car first arrived around 1963, and drivers can see some features in it that the Scion sports car has! For example, both of these two-door coupes come with rear-wheel drive, and are also designed to be light weight, aerodynamic, and have a front-mounted engine. 
  • Toyota 2000GT: When it comes to the curb-appeal the N Charlotte Scion FR-S has, you’ll probably notice that it shares some similarities with the Toyota 2000GT. The Toyota 2000GT has a reputation for being the first Japanese supercar, and also for being pretty pricey. Obviously this Scion sports car and its Toyota predecessor don’t have the expensive price tag in common! 
  • Toyota Corolla GT-S: Don’t be deceived by the name – the Toyota Corolla GT-S looked very different from today’s Toyota Corolla! The influence of this coupe on the Scion sports car can most clearly be seen overseas where it has an “86” heritage badge. The Toyota Corolla GT-S used to be known as the AE86, and along with boasting a custom badge, the Scion FR-S goes by the name the Toyota GT-86 overseas and also shares a similar design! 

Take this new Scion sports car near Charlotte out for a spin today! 

Do you want to enjoy a sports car that’s kind to your budget and also has an amazing history? This new Scion sports car may be just the two-door coupe you’ve been looking for, then! Clearly it draws its inspiration from multiple Toyota sports cars that were favorites in the past. Between this and its low starting MSRP of $25,255, it’s hard not to fall in love with this sports car!

Take a look at this amazing sports car in person today. You can visit us at any time since we’re open until 10:00 pm every day! Stop by and see us at 13429 Statesville Rd – we’re located just off of I-77! 



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