Man on the Edge: Has Sports Illustrated Gone Too Low?

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The new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition doesn’t hit the news stands until Monday, but if you haven’t seen the cover yet, you have to be trying not to.  It’s everywhere online, and there’s something a little surprising about it.

Believe it or not, Hannah Davis is wearing a bikini bottom, but she’s pulling it down so low that it barely covers the parts that sound all scientific when you say them.  The only way you can get a shot like that is if there’s some serious grooming going on.  Otherwise, she’s be showing the kind of thing that got an Australian magazine booted from Instagram.

It wasn’t the size of the bikinis, it’s what was showing from the sides.  By the way, Instagram reinstated the account after fans flipped out.

Now, it’s not the first time Sports Illustrated has had revealing covers.  Go back to the covers with Bar Rafieli, Tyra banks and Kate Upton.  They’ve all been revealing.  But this new one with Hannah Davis might trump them all for nearly showing something.

So Rance Adams hit the streets a little earlier, asking you guys if SI has finally gone too low on their swimsuit cover…