Some Native Hawaiians disapprove of ‘Aloha’ movie title

HONOLULU (AP) — A movie filmed in Hawaii is drawing criticism from Native Hawaiians.

Some Native Hawaiians, including the state’s film commissioner, are taking issue with the title, “Aloha.” They say using the Hawaiian word is a disrespectful misappropriation of culture and simplifies a word that’s rich with meaning.

“Aloha” stars Bradley Cooper, Rachel McAdams and Emma Stone. The Sony Pictures film hits theaters Friday.

The disapprovals are based largely on a trailer that depicts a military-themed love-story.

Sony Pictures didn’t comment on the concerns but pointed The Associated Press to a behind-the-scenes feature online to show the movie’s Hawaii connection.

It shows Stone’s character using the Hawaiian word mana, which can mean power. There are shots of hula and interviews from a Native Hawaiian sovereignty activist who appears in the movie.