Houser Pleads Guilty in Death of Kilah Davenport

CHARLOTTE, NC — “Of course it’s very bittersweet. There’s never going to be any real, complete justice. Kilah can rest in peace now,” said grandmother Kilah Davenport.

Leslie Davenport says her family has waited years to hear Joshua Houser admit guilt and say that he beat stepdaughter Kilah Davenport, causing brain injuries and her death. He pleaded guilty Wednesday to Second Degree Murder, and they heard those words.

“That was hard for us to hear, but that was something we needed to hear. It was very emotional; when he said it we all broke down,” said Davenport.

Houser was convicted in February 2014, one month before Kilah’s death, of assault after throwing the then 3-year old into wall. He was serving 7 to 10 years.

“It gives us some sanity to know he will spend more time in prison for his crime against Kilah,” said Davenport.

Until now, Houser maintained his innocence. Davenport says he still has never apologized.

“No remorse. Showed no remorse again; had no statement for us,” said Davenport.

Since the incident, the Davenport family rallied in Washington and got Kilah’s Law passed, creating tougher sentences for child abusers. In May President Obama signed a bill in her name into law.

Davenport says they will never stop keeping her memory alive by helping other families who suffer the same tragedy.

Houser was sentenced to 16 years for Kilah’s death. With time served, he will now be in for a little over 13 more years. The Davenport family continues to raise money on behalf of the Kilah Foundation.