Trump’s Support Grows in SC after Comments

ROCK HILL, SC — “Trump seems to have very effectively tapped into a feeling of discontent,” said Winthrop University Professor of Political Science Karen Kedrowski.

One reason why Kedrowski says Trump can get away with comments like this:

“Calling for a total and complete shut down of Muslims entering the US,” said Trump.

The Senate Judiciary Committee approved an amendment Thursday saying the U.S. will not bar anyone entering the country based on religion, which Kedrowski says was the Senate making a statement.

“Should someone be elected who decided to go down this path, then the bill would prevent that person from doing this,” said Kedrowski.

A new Winthrop University poll shows Trump with support from 30 percent of likely Republican voters in South Carolina.

“But Trump ends up in the lead because the other 13 candidates are splitting up that 70 percent, and there’s nobody who’s really very close to him,” said Kedrowski.

Kedrowski says Trump’s poll numbers defy certain laws of politics. Normally negative stories about candidates cause voter support to dissipate.

“It actually solidifies his support. It makes people who are supporting him more likely to vote for him, so that really leaves Republican establishment and other Republicans in the field with their hands tied,” said  Kedrowski.

Trump has already been in the Palmetto state this week. He will be back this weekend for a town hall at the University of South Carolina at Aiken. The state’s First in the South Primary is in February.