NC Tree Farms Welcome Warm Weather

CHARLOTTE, NC — The North Carolina Fraser fir Christmas tree. It’s the most sought out Christmas tree in North America. We took a trip to the high country to see just how well farmers are doing this year.

Our first stop, Panoramic View Christmas Tree Farm in Boone. Owner Joey Clawson says sales are up from last year.

“Last winter was rainy and excessively muddy,” said Clawson. “It was extremely difficult last year. Sales were up, which is a good thing, but the farming conditions, the conditions for the public were rough.”

Clawson says the nice weather not only helps his business, but it also creates a pleasant experience for families.

“The choose-and-cut is all about creating a family tradition, creating memories,” he said.

From table top trees for the kids to 13-foot trees, there are plenty to still choose.

Our second stop, Snowy Mountain Christmas Tree Farm in Newland. Tommy Singleton has worked there for more than 20 years. He says the weather is perfect for choosing Christmas trees.

“It’s a lot easier for them to get up here this time of year, cause there’s not any snow on the ground,” said Singleton.

Singleton says the hardest part is choosing which tree to take home.

“The fun part is to have the kids come up, when the family comes with kids, cause they’re running everywhere, but it’s fun to see the enjoyment of it,” said Singleton. “And the people really enjoy it, picking their own tree and knowing that it’s freshly cut and taking it back with them.”