SC Mother Murdered, Body Burnt

YORK COUNTY, SC — Deputies arrested a man for murdering a Fort Mill mother inside her town home.

Deputies say they found her body in a barrel that had been set on fire an hour away in rural Chester County.

Torture is described in John Coddington’s arrest warrant. Deputies accuse him of hitting and kicking Tiffany Williams to death before deputies say he tried to get rid of her body.

“It’s shocking, and I’m just worried about her siblings and her children,” said Williams’s friend April Stephenson.

Investigators say Coddington killed Williams in a town home on Azurine Circle in Fort Mill December 4. They believe he drove to Rippling Brooke Drive in Chester County to dump her body.

They say they found her body in a burnt out barrel six days later.

“She’s not a fighter, you know?” said Stephenson. “For him to do this to someone so gentle is disgusting.”

Neighbors say they heard no argument.

“I would call police first of course, then go over there,” said Don Malloy. “Especially if a woman was screaming. I want to know what’s going on.”

It wasn’t until Wednesday that someone reported suspicious activity at the town home. When deputies went inside, they immediately arrested Coddington.

They won’t say if he led them to the Chester County road where they found her body.

“Family and friends are still in a state of shock,” said Stephenson. “We just found out, you know?”

A judge did not set bond for Coddington Friday. It’s not clear if he’s admitted to the murder.

Williams’s loved ones want to know why.

“She needs the justice that she deserves for her family and children,” said Stephenson.

Stephenson has set up this Go Fund Me page to help the family with funeral costs.