Cornelius Surviving Terror Attacks Seminar

CORNELIUS, NC — “Every time you hear about an incident, you it evaluate it, you analyze it,” said Bence Hyole, Cornelius Police Chief.

From mass shootings to local home break-ins, Cornelius residents near The Peninsula Club came to hear experts’ update on security.

Like Cornelius police chief Bence Hoyle updating about new cameras installed, cutting crime by 97 percent in the area.

“We had had some difficulty over last few years. When they put the cameras out there, they virtually eliminated the trouble,” said Cornelius resident Keith Miller.

And Miller says he was intrigued to hear terrorism expert Ross Bulla of the Treadstone Group shed light on the real threats of terror attacks, specifically the extent of homegrown terrorism.

“This year sets all kinds of records for the number of critical incidents, mass shootings, mass fatalities, terror incidents, both worldwide and domestically,” said Bulla.

Ross reminds people their best defense is situational awareness, not living in paranoia, but not in denial either that bad people are out there looking for victims.

“If you’ve got your head down in your cell phone walking around, not paying any attentio,n you’re ripe for the picking for any terrorist or any street crime,” said Bulla.

Miller says he walked away with a more realistic plan for being aware of his surroundings, and ready to escape a situation if need be.

“They put it more in perspective,” said Miller. “When you go into a restaurant, know where exit going to be. I always thought about that for fire, never really for mass shootings before.”