Update: Northlake Mall Shooting

CHARLOTTE, NC — Police say Daquan Westbrook, 18, is the man an off-duty CMPD officer shot at Northlake mall Thursday.

Officer Thomas Ferguson is on paid leave while police investigate to find out if the shooting was justified.

Photos spread through social media, showing Westbrook’s body on the mall floor after he was shot.

“There was some people going left, some people going right, and just, I went both ways!” said Natalia Marcano.

“We were just running for our lives, you know? You never know,” said Terry Smith.

CMPD says Officer Ferguson was working security at the mall when he heard gunshots.

Investigators say the officer ran to the Journeys store where Westbrook pointed his gun in the officer’s direction.

Officer Ferguson fired.

Westbrook died on scene.

Inside, a shopper captured video of alarms sounding and families screaming for loved ones who they lost track of as they fled.

Chief Kerr Putney says it started when two groups with a history of feuding begam fighting in the mall.

“Couple of people who had weapons, and after the altercation they used weapons as means of settling the dispute,” said Chief Putney.

Detectives say they found several weapons in the crime scene and are investigating to find out if this could have been gang related.

Westbrook is known to many people as Donkey Cartel, a Charlotte rapper.