Gastonia Residents Rescued from Rising Flood Waters

GASTON COUNTY, NC — “They came, beat on my door and told me I had to get out, so I got out,” said Gastonia resident Robert Hall.

Crowder’s Creek flooded fast Wednesday morning, causing an early wake up call for residents at Woodland Acres mobile home park in Gastonia.

“It was real bad,” said Hall. “The fire trucks came out and told us to evacuate the place. They were scared it was going to be a hazard with the water.”

The Gastonia Fire Department rescued more than a handful of people in the lower park of the park as the water quickly rose.

“There was just so much water it was, like, almost moving my car,” said another Gastonia resident.

Up the street a huge tree snapped, blocking the road and leaving people unable to get back home for hours.

“They’re up there getting the trees out of the road from the mobile park we stay in,” said another resident. “They’re chain sawing trees, getting them out of the way so we can get in.”

As the rain slowed down a bit through the day, some people came back to grab a few belongings since they can’t stay the night.

“I just got some clothes and some shoes so I can be dry and couple little things,” said another resident.

And are hoping the rain doesn’t continue another day, keeping them away from their home and belongings.

“Worried. Real worried, cause I don’t really have any place to go but to stay here, you know?” said Hall.

Red Cross was there and is helping families. Luckily there were no injuries reported.